Our Vision

Our vision

We envision healthy whole communities, where there is no need for cages, police or  criminalization. We see the inherent value in everyone and believe that no one is disposable, and that no one belongs in a cage. In fighting for a world beyond jails and prisons, we value the voices and leadership of current and formerly incarcerated people of all genders, their loved ones, and those who are impacted by violence and all forms of harm. 

It is time to redefine safety, moving from surveillance to collective care. It is time to reimagine justice, addressing the roots of harm and oppression and creating systems of healing.

Our demands

Divest from incarceration and criminalization, specifically stop the construction of the Wayne County Criminal Justice Complex.

Invest $533 million of proposed funding for the Criminal Justice Complex into community programs that promote safety and justice beyond police and incarceration.

The world we want to live in includes you! Join the fight!